General terms and conditions

1. Agreement terms

The present legal statute, which is a formal offer (Offer), is intended for internet users and regulates the use of (Web site), which is the property of the Unified Booking System.

About the Web site. The Web site is a platform that provides online service for buying and selling tickets for all kinds of sporting and cultural events that take place in all countries of the world.

The Unified Booking System is an independent Company, registered in Russia. Our legal address: 107031, Moscow city, Rozhdestvenka str., house number 5/7, bldg 2, area V, room 18., TIN: 7702786229. The company provides services for buying and selling tickets for all major events on global secondary tickets market. Through our network of intermediaries and suppliers the Company can offer tickets for any event.

The Unified Booking System is not an official ticket office or official ticket distributor of Russian and other sports federations, organizing committees, stadiums, concert halls, exhibition centers, if it is not specifically stated in the proposals of the Unified Booking System.

Additional special regulations. This also includes the Offer which thereby unites different rules and procedures on the Web site. They can be found by clicking the following links:

Use of this Web site implies that User of the Web site (User) agrees with all the points of the Offer in the version developed by the Unified Booking System. And as a result, User must carefully read all the articles of the Offer, and each of those cases, when he/she wants to use the Web site.

Offer changes. The Unified Booking System reserves the right at any time to modify the Offer and any such changes shall be effective immediately upon publication on the Web site (unless stated otherwise). Therefore, the Unified Booking System strongly recommends that User checks these conditions every time he/she wishes to buy tickets on the Web site.

2. Ticket purchase

To purchase tickets, User should follow the order process on the Web site. To purchase a ticket the order form should be filled.

User can also send a request by e-mail to or contact the Company by phone +7 (495) 648-4111, +7 (812) 648-4111. After registration User’s (Customer) request Company’s specialist will contact User for order confirmation.

Booking. Customer can book tickets. Tickets reservation is valid for 24 hours from the moment of its confirmation with Company’s specialist.

Control fraud. The Unified Booking System may reject the order within 3 working days, if the order contains incomplete and incomprehensible information, and there are reasonable grounds to suspect the order fraud.

Price. Price for one ticket is different from its face value and depending on the popularity of the event and the seats availability. The price also includes service fees for tickets reservation and cost of mediation services of the Unified Booking System. The prices shown on the Web site are trial and in very rare cases may vary (depending on the changes in the pricing policy of suppliers).

Prices for tickets to the most popular events can often be much higher than the official ticket price, depending on the complexity of purchasing tickets (deficit). The purchase price is determined by market prices of the country of the event or its demand on the world market.

3. Ticket information

Please note that the organizer reserves the right to delay or cancel the date of the event, and in extremely rare cases, reserves the right to change seating. So it is important that Customer regularly checks the time and the place of the event in the media.

Customer is responsible, up to criminal liability, for compliance with the organizers rules and requirements, including compliance with generally accepted standards of behavior, including a sober appearance, anti-racist and non-aggressive behavior, corresponding to generally accepted standards of morality.

4. Tickets payment and delivery

Payment. Payment can be proceeded by one of the methods proposed by the Unified Booking System. Payment should be made after the Web site specialist will contact the Customer and confirm the order. The payment can be made with cash or bank transfer.

Cash. Customer can pay by cash to courier upon delivery. Delivery rates are specified during the order confirmation by phone.

Bank transfer. This payment option is available for both corporate and individuals. After order confirmation with our specialist, Customer will get an invoice. The Company will send it by fax or e-mail to Customer. Customer can pay it in any bank or using the account of the organization.

Delivery. Customer may pick up the order in the office of the Unified Booking System at the adress Ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 9, bldg 1 office 22 (working hours from 09.00 to 19.00, including weekends), or using a courier delivery service.

Delivery by courier service to the address is specified in the order form and will be made in a convenient time from 09.00 to 21.00, including weekends.

The delivery cost within Moscow Ring Road is 400 rubles, after 19:00 — 600 rubles. Delivery cost beyond Moscow Ring Road negotiated individually.

Delivery to the other cities can be made by any delivery service on Customer’s choice: UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, Dimex or other (the service fees of the delivery companies mentioned above are paid by Customer).

Tickets for events held abroad will be delivered to the Customer’s accommodation address in the city of the event 1–5 days prior to the date of the event, unless special conditions have been stipulated, however, every effort will be made to deliver tickets as soon as possible.

Customer will be notified by Company’s specialist when tickets are sent and will get a tracking number of the parcel.
If the delivery service can not deliver the parcel to the Customer personally, it will be delivered to the closest distribution office where the parcel will be stored within the time specified in the User’s agreement of the delivery company.

Customer is responsible for the correct address specified in the order form and correct notification of roommates or living there beneficiaries that the courier will deliver the parcel to the stated address.

In case of force majeure the Unified Booking System is not liable for non-receipt of tickets.

Force majeure circumstances that are beyond the control of the Unified Booking System mean:

  • Unforeseen defects in the internal work of the State Post and other delivery services, or transportation, hired by the Unified Booking System, despite the fact that the Unified Booking System always provides a high quality of delivery service.
  • Theft or damage of purchased tickets, which take place during the delivery due to unforeseen reasons, or that which are not under the control of the Unified Booking System.
  • Weather conditions may be a cause of changes or cancellation of a delivery.

Unsuccessful delivery caused by Customer’s fault. If Customer provides an incorrect address or does not agree to receive the parcel at the distribution office, informed about the delivery terms in advance, the following delivery costs shall be paid by Customer.

Unsuccessful delivery caused by the Unified Booking System. The Unified Booking System takes responsibility for the delivery of tickets to Customer which are ordered via the Web site, by e-mail or by phone.

The Unified Booking System takes responsibility only for the validity of tickets. Specific seat, location, and seating are not guaranteed and are not part of the deal.

Upon receiving tickets for the event Customer is solely responsible for its safety, loss of validity caused by damage it in any way, including, rupture, break, fire, liquids and substances, applying additional information, erasures , corrections, control coupon separation etc.

5. Cancellation or order change

Customer may cancel the order or change the data specified in the order by contacting Company’s support team by phone +7 (495) 648-4111, +7 (812) 648-4111 or e-mail

6. Ticket Sales

If User (Seller) wants to sell tickets for an event to the Unified Booking System, he/she should fill out a special sell-ticket form, and then Company’s specialist will contact Seller to negotiate the terms and conditions of sale and the price of tickets. Seller will get the funds with cash upon ticket transfer to the Unified Booking System or with bank transfer to the bank account specified by Seller. Payment will be made only after tickets transfer to the Unified Booking System within 10 business days.

7. Refund Policy

Tickets’ returning is possible only in case of the event cancellation. Only the face value can be returned (after Company receives funds from the organizer) and 50% of the total cost of booking fees and delivery fees. Tickets can be returned within 3 days after the date of the event.

In case of an events date change Customer can return tickets no later than 10 days before the new date. Only the face value will be returned and 50% of the total cost of booking fees and delivery fees.

In case of an event change Customer can return tickets no later than 3 days prior to an event date. Only the face value will be returned and 10% of the total cost of booking fees and delivery fees. On the day of an event tickets are returned to the official box offices of the organizers.

When returning the tickets paid by credit card, funds are returned to the Customer’s card by bank transfer.

8. General provisions

Consequential damages. The Unified Booking System can not guarantee the correct functioning of the Website, so that the Unified Booking System is not responsible for Users damage or third parties damage caused by halting, improper maintenance or failure of Internet connection.

Use of the Website. The Unified Booking System reserves the right to modify, disable or temporarily unavailable the Web site or any part of it at any time without prior notice. The Unified booking system does not guarantee the relevance of the Web site.

The legal side. User agrees that in case of any discrepancy in the interpretation of the Offer or other disputes, all decisions will be made on the basis of Russian legislation in the Courts of the city of Moscow.